Santa Barbara rules!!!

Ben and I are out in Santa Barbara setting up his apartment as he begins his graduate studies. Warm temperatures, cool breezes, palm trees, outdoor restaurants, bicycles and motorcycles galore!!!  Yep, Ben is really going to suffer out here. Somebody has to be here. It might as well be a Bryant.

On Sunday we worshiped at an Orthodox Presbyterian church. This is the denomination that formed the seminary where I studied. They put the O in orthodox. My theological education was superb. I have never felt shortchanged at that level. But when it comes to ministry there was a significant deficit. Anyway, Ben will be trying to find a spiritual community and will connect with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship out here.

I will be flying back later this week on the red eye and try to function at the office after I land.  I think I will put off any big decisions until jet lag wears off.

I am continuing to struggle with the effects of Lyme Disease. My sciatic nerve is inflammed and kicks up in a fierce way. It’s time to get this over with!!!!!!!

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