Selective mutism

The killer at VA Tech was diagnosed with selective mutism in high school. In certain situations he was supposedly unable to communicate, like public speaking. Sounds like some Christians suffer from selective mutism, too – they are “unable” to speak for Christ in any kind of social setting. It’s not that we are by temperament quiet – anything but. We still haven’t settled the issue that men cannot believe that which they have not heard, and they cannot hear unless someone tell them.

2 thoughts on “Selective mutism

  1. I am a christian who suffered from selective mutism for 19 years before I came to know God. SM means you are unable to speak in front of a certain person or people, it makes no difference what the topic of conversation is.

    Anyone can freeze up if they are worried someone will ridicule their beliefs, and then speak again if the topic becomes “safe”. That is not selective mutism.

  2. Of course. But the phrase itself seems susceptible of being oo-opted to describe evangelistic mutism. It is not just the topic that keeps some people’s tongue still. It’s the specific audienct to whom they are called to speak, sort of like Jonah. He was a prophet who could speak to everybody – except the Ninevites.

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