Who put that tick in my chair?

It’s been one of those months(years? decades? life?) I have been really struggling – migraine headaches, fatigue, joint pain, loss of appetite. These are symptoms I am not used to. As usual, I approach such moments in a moral mode – I should be stronger, what’s wrong with my resolve, I can get through this, don’t be weak, a real man could handle this schedule, etc. Sharon, my wife, noticed a rash last week on my back – a perfect circle. And then it began to grow, spreading across my back and then down my right arm. Then there was a loss of feeling inside my right bicep. Time to see a doctor? Nope. The rash won’t spread forever. Drink more water. Eat better.

But the rash was going to spread forever. I couldn’t drink more water than I was drinking. And eating was just helping me put on more weight and doing nothing for an energy boost. Off to the doctor. Diagnosis: Lyme Disease.

Did some reading. Pretty awful things can happen to people who get infected and go a significant period without having Lyme diagnosed. I  am now on a regimen of antibiotics with a full bottle of percocets for my headaches. (I can’t find the chapter and verse on percocets, but I do think they come straight from heaven).

 The onset of Lyme came at a time when I was trying a new work out routine at the gym called Crossfit. It is a high cardio strength conditioning program that emphasizes functional performance rather than isolated muscle exercise. It can be extreme at times, and I thought that Crossfit was the root of the problem. In fact, it was just revealing that something else was wrong.

Now that I know what is wrong, I can pace myself and get well. But first comes the diagnosis. Reminds me that I have to accept what God says is wrong before I can get better. When I accept his analysis, I can plan accordingly. Finding my own way only leads to more trouble. Can I get a witness?