My Day/My Week

We arrived home last night from Pittsburgh. It was an exciting and fulfilling weekend. Sharon and I drove all day Friday and then rested a good part of Saturday. On Saturday night there was a convocation for engineering students who were graduating. Each was presented to the audience along with a description of their achievements at college and their immediate plans. It was a very impressive group of people. I remember the engineering students during my college days – not much time for anything but the books, grinding away. That certainly was Ben’s life, though he worked hard at balancing his life out.

Sunday was the commencement in the basketball arena. Tom Ridge, the first director of Homeland Security, was the speaker. There were too many students to recognize so they had the different schools stand together to receive their “pronouncement of graduation.” But it was still 2 and 1/2 hours.  It was a beautiful day weather wise – really beautiful.

Then we hustled back to Ben’s apartment for packing, which took about three hours. This is where Sharon goes into overdrive as she visualizes where each box goes in the van. We fell into bed pretty much exhausted from a very long day.

On Monday we drove back to Boston but hit a three hour traffic jam. An accident had closed the interstate. So we pulled in a bit later than we had hoped. We got the van dropped off and picked up the dog (thank you, Watermans, for the dog care). And then once again dropped into bed with a plop!!!

Ben will be with us until early September and then head out to CA for graduate studies. We are hoping he will be able to get out to Chicago to spend some time with Jon and that Jon will be able to get home so we can be together as a family before everybody takes their positions in different part of the country – Boston, Chicago and Santa Barbara.

God has been with us every step of the way.

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