Things Occurring to Me

1. No big upsets in March Madness. What a shame! It’s all Goliaths and no Davids. How boring.

2. The one thing I am finding out about Julius Caesar – when something didn’t work, he stopped doing it. And that’s the difference between Caesar and me.

3. Don’t go to a public library right after school’s out. It’s like they let rats run loose.

4. I like Mitt Romney, but I am suspicious of anyone who can intellectually buy into Mormon teaching. It has more in common with science fiction than theological reflection.

5. Does everybody have a tattoo?

6. A lot of our problems have to do with turning little things into big things.

7. Someone loves you more than you could ever know.

8. Movie marathons at home are a good thing.

9. If you live in Santa Barbara California I read that you qualify for a housing subsidy if you make less than $177,000.

10. Al Gore could use a few visits to the gym.

11. George Bush could use a few visits to the library.

12. Franklin Graham could use a course from Dale Carnegie.

13. Don Bryant could use a few more visits to the gym, library and a Dale Carnegie course, plus a lesson on avoiding thedreaded comb-over.

14. We are all tolerating something that is outrageous.

15. I still don’t get how a Krispy Kreme store could fold. How is that again?

16. Being able to read any book you want to read by getting it from the library rather than spending money to buy it is a gift from God.

17. When I get out of my car in a parking lot and see that the car next to mine is as messy as mine on the inside, I feel better. When it is spotlessly clean, I get depressed.

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