“Hotties” at Church

At her blog The View from Her, Jan writes:  “Apparently, the real problem with online internet dating services is that they just don’t have enough ‘hot-looking’people to choose from. A friend sent me a link to this article, describing the very newest in online matchmaking: a site exclusively for ‘fit, good-looking’ people. But not just any good-looking person can sign up. Prospective members must submit pictures and must be rated an 8 or higher by people already in the club. Once they are in, they are permitted to e-mail other ‘hotties’ for $9.95 a month. This just brings out my inner 9-year-old. ‘I don’t care about your stupid club! I wouldn’t be in it if you PAID me!'”

Makes me wonder about church. Do we think we are hotties? Is it all about having the right kind of people?

2 thoughts on ““Hotties” at Church

  1. Well I don’t know about Massachusetts, but in Southern California, our churches are full of hotties. 🙂 (tongue firmly in cheek.) Thanks for the link!

  2. At least the people that screen for “fit, good-looking” people are honest about it. The rest of us perform the same screening process – except that we are not as honest and straightforward about it. Most of us would like to think we’re better than that, but we know that we are guilty of doing the same. It’s time for all of us (born-again believers included) to start dealing with our hypocrisies. We should remember that He looks at the heart and examines our motives. Why do we look at the speck in others’ eyes and ignore the log in our own?

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