What’s going on

So here it is what is coming up, going on, happen’.

1. We are gearing up to go to Ben’s graduation on April 29 from the University of Pittsburgh. (Pitt got beat by UCLA last night). He will graduate with a degree in Material Sciences Engineering and two minors in Philosophy and Physics.

2. Been reading Caesar: The Life of a Colossus and The Book That Changed My Life: 71 Remarkable Writers Celebrate the Books That Matter Most to Them.

3. Next week I start teaching Bible at evening college and the following week I add another course on Philosophy. It will be busy.

4. I’ll be at Chicago in early June to help Jon move out his studio apartment to a one bedroom. It will be one floor down in the same building he is in. Sharon will fly out later on to spend a few days adding a woman’s touch to the place.

5. Got the cd of Sugarland’s Twice the Speed of Life from the Pembroke library.

6. Really been enjoying listening to Brad Paisley’s new song Ticks and Lucinda Williams’ Are You Alright?, Learning to Live without You, and Change the Locks.

7. Following March Madness.

8. I would love to go to the the conference on Tolken at the University of Vermont next month.

9. Paying attention to the stories about the abysmal conditions in VA hospitals.

10. I need a new computer really bad. Jon’s coaching me, doing his best to keep me from getting an Apple

11. Readjusting to getting back to the gym regularly.  A good thing. I’ve been going but since the kidney stone surgery I haven’t been as fanatical. Getting back into the mindset.

12. Trying to decide how long I keep my 1995 Buick Park Ave before it starts giving me big time trouble. It’s been a great car. Bought it at 67,000 miles and now have 140,000. Not a moments trouble beyond normal maintenance.

13. Just got my taxes done. A good feeling.

14. I am helping lead this session of Divorce Care at church. Wow! What a privilege!

15. Time for Spring time work around the house. Can’t wait to open it up for the warmer weather.

12. Been listening to some great podcasts from Yale University. They are free and each week they post a new one. I can do free. I also love listening to Ira Glass’ American Life.

13. I’ve joined a Henri Nouwen book club at the nearby St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church. I use some of Nouwen’s stuff in one of my college classes.

14. I want to read Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood since I spent some years in Kansas where the murders he describes took place. I rented the movie Infamous, the story of Capote’s obsession with the murders he details in the book.

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