Things Occurring to Me

1. When I went to see Amazing Grace, I could tell it was a church crowd there. They were generally about my age. And they felt they could talk whenever they wanted to. Must be from churches that are congregational in government.

2. My Ben was stuck on a plane for six hours, and then it never took off. This is outrageous. He got sick for the next several days.

3. The dog didn’t die while Sharon was in Norfolk. Good for me. You don’t know how good this was for me.

4. I found out that buffalo wings don’t make a very good breakfast.

5. Getting dehydrated is one of the easiest things to do without knowing it. Check out what happens when your body is dehydrated, and you will never be far from a water bottle.

6. Going to college, finding out it isn’t your thing, and dropping out with $30,000 to $40,000 of debt is something that happens too much.

7. I really understand people dropping out of the institutional church and meeting in house churches. It’s hard for me to be critical. Sometimes I think they are braver than the rest of us. (And sometimes I think they just don’t want anybody telling them what to do).

8. Does anybody really know what the Day of Pentecost looked like? (And why do I keep using the word “really”?)

9. The one thing I try to communicate to college students in my classes is that if you make me work too hard to try to understand what you are saying through bad grammar, incomplete sentences, and punctuation that demonstrates a manic-depressive disorder, I will quit trying. If I quit trying, that’s not good for a student. What’s worse, their employer might quit trying.

10. Each Spring I think I will get up to date on all the baseball rosters. I don’t. I wonder about people who do.

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