I’ve been tagged to list five things people couldn’t guess about me but might help them get to know me. Actually I have 100+ things that are unique about me in a page below the header for my blog. But here goes for a few more:

1. I actually had to sign a model release once. Yes, I was a model for a day. A friend of mine was a graphic artist and had to do a rush job on a book for a major publishing firm. He wanted me on the cover. So I did. No money but it was a rush being a bonifide model. Everything esle has been downhill since then!!!

2. I broke my arm twice in the 10th grade; my son, Jon, broke his arm twice in the 10th grade; and my son, Ben, broke his arm twice, in the 9th and 10th grades. We are a broken family.

3. I have the worse GPA from my undergraduate days in my family. It was a 3.0, but I am by far the dumbest one here at home. And everybody in the family knows it. (My wife, Sharon, has the highest, but it’s clear in her case that a high GPA doesn’t help you pick out the perfect spouse).

4. I went 12 years with a semi-dislocated shoulder and lots of pain, but no doctor could find out what was wrong with my shoulder or where the pain was coming from. A doctor friend of mine sent me to an athletic trainer for a local college football team to see what he could find. He figured it out in one minute. (Reminds me of the quip, “What do you call a person who graduated last in his/her class in medical school? Doctor.”)

5. I have had four kidney stones, and found that the pain medication at the hospitals not only relieved the pain but made me really happy. I remember the happiness more than the pain. By the third or fourth visit to the hospital I was actually looking forward to the joy. This could make me a bad person. I don’t know. But I always take ALL my pain medication.

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