Jazz at the Lord’s Supper?

The Lord’s Supper does something to me! It makes me sense things and feel things that are physical. God comes to me through the senses, the actions, the taking, the eating, the drinking. We “act out” with our bodies what our spirits do – eat Christ, drink Christ, love Christ, rejoice in Christ. It is dancing the Gospel.

Sometimes the music helps us do this. Sometimes it gets in the way. Sometimes it makes us keep quiet when our hearts want to sing and leap. This coming Sunday while the bread and wine are offered, we will be playing some renditions of Christmas music by The Blind Boys of Alabama, a more jazzy genre of Christmas music.

Jazz doesn’t go in straight lines. It’s improvisational, going with what the heart next wants to do. It doesn’t force the heart into line but lets the heart go where it wants to go, needs to go. I think that can fit at communion. The Lord’s Supper is theological but it is also romantic, a heart thing – a meeting together over dinner, the best meal ever served, Christ himself. Sometimes my heart just bursts the boundaries of order and process and method. It wants to dance, laugh, jubilantly sing. Often Roman Catholic and Protestant observances of this holy meal won’t let me dance. There is so much responding I want to do.

Maybe this next Sunday we can express our hearts in another way – not a better way. Just another way, a way that is also part of meeting Christ.

Or it could be my last Sunday!!!!!!

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