Libel proof!

I read recently of a man who is in prison for murder and who brought a libel suit against a lawyer who accused him of another murdering another man as well. The judge ruled that the prisoner was “libel proof” and could not bring the suit. In other words, whatever could be said about the prisoner was not nearly so bad as what he was in prison for. He could not be libeled. That set me to thinking…We are all libel proof. The things for which the Bible has already pronounced me guilty are already so dark and so deep that hardly anything that could be said against me matches them. In one sense, I am wonderfully free from others might say. Their judgement is not nearly as severe as what I have already admitted just by virture of coming to Christ for forgiveness. I am libel proof. And even when people are wrong for what they condemn me for, the reality is that what they could condemn me for, should they know the whole truth, is much the worse. Samuel Johnson made the comment that there is not a man who does not deserve hanging ten times over should his thoughts be revealed.

Defending myself before others has sort of a hollow ring to it. Even as I defend myself, I know what I could be condemned for. So I should let a lot of stuff go.

One thought on “Libel proof!

  1. I agree. If you think about what Jesus said on during the Sermon on the mount, we are far more guillty than we can possibly imagine. If having an impure thought is equal to adultry and calling someone a bad name is equal to murder, our souls are indeed as black as coal. It doesn’t quite seem fair to equate the sins of desperate people or those that were brought up in much different environments than me, to be judged by the same standards as me. Who knows how I would turn out if I were brought up by drug addicts or as an orphan or a place riddled with war and crime. For all I know, I could have been Charles Manson if I were brought up in the exact same situations as he was. Well, Jesus does know and knew from the beginning how guilty I would be under every circumstance. I guess that’s why He said that we are guilty of breaking every commandment if we break one. Why should I get any credit for being brought up in a situation that was pretty descent and made it easier for me not to become a raving lunatic, assuming that I’m not a raving lunatic. Good thing Jesus paid for my sins and took me from under the law.

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