Why I’m not spooked by Halloween

I just can’t get all that excited about how bad Halloween is for Christians. Some churches really freak over this one. It is understandable and a case can be made for it. But I remain unmoved.

I grew up in a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, church-going, busing Baptist church. And I went out on every Halloween dressed up as a ghost, a skeleton, and whatever else would be scary. I don’t think I ever handed my soul over to Satan or that an irreversible step was taken into darkness. I was getting lots of candy (praise Jesus!!!!) and scaring some of my friends to boot (Boooo!!!!!) Somehow I turned into a spiritually hungry man who had not handed his soul over to Satan. Halloween didn’t ruin my life, though you could make a case that some of the things I did on Halloween could have gotten me a pretty good police record at a young age.

I think Halloween is like looking at an Alfred Hitchcock movie. We all know that there is something beyond and behind the visible world. Our spirits demand the recognition of it, and church isn’t the only place where we do that. Every Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel is a tacit recognition that we live in a haunted world. There is a sense in which our spirits resonate with the vibrations of that world. It’s like getting on the rollercoaster. Our inner worlds demand to feel that world that we shut out as we go about the ordinary and the physical. It’s not that our spirits love evil as much as they demand that we see its reality and the conflict that is going on in heavenly places.

Yeh, I know there is a line that can be crossed. But my guess is that your 6 year old dressed up as a pumpkin isn’t very close to it

One thought on “Why I’m not spooked by Halloween

  1. I agree that there is nothing magical about Haloween and no Christian is in danger of losing their soul. However, Holoween has become a symbolic celebration of witches and demons. We can certainly celebrate without honoring that aspect of it, but if the masses celebrate that way, even unwittingly, doesn’t what we do give the appearance of our participation? If a crowd gathers to demonstrate a particular cause, the whole crowd is percieved to support or protest that cause. It doesn’t much matter what each individual thinks or to what level they participate. Those most vocal about haloween have become spokesmen for a believe system that I don’t think we share. If we want to differenciate our believes from theirs we need to break away and do it individually. We our instructed to do all things to the glory of God. Hard to do if we join the celebration of the fun side of witches and demons and such. 1 Cor. 6 says, everything is permissable for me, but not everything is benificial. We can join the fun and by our actions witness that wites, demons, and the darker side of this world can be fun, or we can find an alternate way to witness what we believe.

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