This is going to be a different Thanksgiving but it had better be the same Christmas

Jon and BenIt has been seven years since our oldest son, Jon, has been home for Thanksgiving. When he was attending the Colorado School of Mines in Colorado it was too expensive to fly him home for Thanksgiving and then turn right around and fly him back home again for Christmas.  And now that he is in graduate school at the U of Chicago and paying his own way through life, it is still a bit expensive to fly home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This Fall we found out that flying Ben home from the U of Pittsburg would be astronomical, almost twice what it has been.  But flights from Pittsburg to Chicago were relatively affordable. So our family came up with a solution that would enable everybody in the family to be with somebody in the family. Ben will fly out to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with Jon!!!! And Sharon gets to spend Thanksgiving with me!!!!

We are all agreed – Sharon loses in this deal all the way around. Her boys won’t be here but grouch will. But as long as our cocker spaniel, Sandy, doesn’t take a trip somewhere, Sharon will make it.

As Thanksgiving approaches we are very grateful that our boys are fast friends. Ben is looking at graduate schools next year and one of his options is school in the Chicago area. If that works out, he and Jon will share an apartment during the grad school years. Who could have guessed something like that might work out. It would be grand.

But so far it looks like we will all be together for Christmas with a Chinese meal after the Christmas Eve service at Coastal. It has been a family tradition for as long back as I can remember.  I am thankful for each year we have the gift of family together.

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