More Thoughts on the Noble Wounded

I don’t take my theology from Teddy Roosevelt but by common grace he expresses an insight that honors the heroism of those who dare, do and burn for the sake of a greater good…. …He writes, “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, great devotions; … who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Those who launch out for Christ will know a great many failings.  God’s presence does not keep us from many humiliations, but He gets us through many humiliations.  Like Peter we bite off more than we can chew and like Paul there are the crushing moments in the church.  Paul wrote that his expedition into ministry brought him to the place where he despaired of life itself.

So here is to the warrior who dared!!  Get next to someone in ministry, and let him hear your applause.  When he falls and picks himself up and wipes off the dust, lend a hand.  Maybe he will do the same for you.

5 thoughts on “More Thoughts on the Noble Wounded

  1. The noble wounded. Websters defines noble as, “possessing outstanding qualities.” And wounded or wound as, “: to cause a wound to or to inflict a wound.” My brother had outstanding qualities but his drug addiction caused either wounds for others or wounds for himself. He went to A.A. and N.A. but 4 years ago, he did not know about Celebrate Recovery. I led him to Christ on the way back from detox in 2001 but he still did not have a support system like CR to help him gain victory over all the hurts, habits and hang-ups in his life. Unfortunately, He lived “with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” He was trying to stay sober, praying to God and fighting his addiction everyday, but he did not have the Spiritual support of Jesus Christ through people in Celebrate recovery to lend him a hand. We were happy, sober and free–playing baseball in the park. Just me, my brother and his son. 4 weeks later my brother was found on the side of the highway in New Bedford, Mass. He died of an overdose of Heroin and booze. The poem below was written by my brother 2 months before he died.
    The Gift
    Raging terror looms in the fallout of their sinful ways.
    A crying child wails as a grandmother prays.
    A mother’s head filled with demons drugs,
    she frantically searches for a rock in the rug.
    Father’s drunk and gone insane,
    disappeared never to be seen again.
    Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum,
    Look at the hell we have done.
    By the grace of God we were brought to A.A. and N.A.,
    we learned about ourselves and changed our ways.
    We are no longer running in darkness in the wild.
    Today we are clean and sober, at home.
    Loving the child,
    the child in us.

  2. I like to think out loud too. I just wanted to comment on a thought I had. LOLOLOLOLOLOOL Laughing is good for the soul. How about doing a title on laughing or something that is funny or cheerful? Don’t you think we get enough negetive stimuli from the news, radio, and media. In fact, Christians tend to remind other Christians of how much suffering we are going through and oh by the way-that we are expected to suffer- Boy, this sounds so appealing to someone who is looking into Christianity–WHERE CAN I SIGN UP! I think you get the point. I can tell you Christian war stories and ones that go on even today. While this is necessary and theologically important, we need to give encouragement through humor as well. This will not take away from the intelligent, brainy, clever and sharp writings we have come to love. we need balance because even sharp has the Antonym, “causing intense mental or physical distress.” Which, we all have enough of. Smart also means, “given to or marked by mature intelligent humor.” The 4th step has a whole page on balancing the scales. So, how about it?–Some humorous topics to spur on some smiles in us??????????

  3. I think that we Christians think that being saved through the death and resurrection of Christ makes us perfect and we sometimes have little tolerance for those that slip. I think the only protection we really have is the presense of Christ in our lives. I think that the perfect Christian, humanly speaking that is, would be one that had Christ in their thoughts all the time. In a world where we can’t go three steps without being distracted, that is extremely difficult. We can lead a pretty good life and do all the Christian things and be involved with many ministries, but the moment we take our thoughts away from Jesus, we become vunerable. I think that anything that directs your mind and thoughts toward Jesus is good and keeps you spiritually strong. That’s why your involvement in ant type of ministry is important if helps you focus. But only if it helps you keep your mind on Jesus. And anything that distracts you leaves you vunerable. It may sound extreme, but I think that even the normal things in life, actually especially the normal things, like television, radio, things that aren’t necessary evil, but things that occupy our thoughts, leaving Jesus outside waiting for the next time you allow yourself to focus. I think it is at these times that we recieve our worst wounds. Even in what would seem like Godly situations, like many ministries we tend to let our minds wonder on our own plans and priorities. Leaving an opening for a spiritual attack. Many years ago I sustained my worst wound while involved in several ministries that were thriving. I allowed myself to get too caught up in the workings of the ministry rather than the purpose of the ministries and left myself wide open for haymaker. Billy Graham left a big impression on me several years ago. He was being interviewed by a reporter who asked him when he had time to pray. Billy Graham looked a bit surprised and responded that he is always in pray and in fact was praying as he was answering the reporters questions. I have become extremely protective of my spirituality over the last few years because I have come to realize how fragile we are without Christ and how difficult it is to keep focused on Him. I’ve often wondered, and will pose the question here, if we would be so vunerable if we could keep Jesus firmly planted on our minds. Do our favorite TV progams, although not evil, that force our thoughts on other things? or maybe our computer stuff or other hobbies that we consider good wholesome entertainment draw us away from Christ, making us easy prey for satan?

  4. Jim, that is a great question and challenges me to think about it in my life. I believe we will always be vulnerable as long as we live in our earthly bodies. I also believe that our minds become filters through which passes all stimuli–good and bad. Anything can become our “god.” Some people are sick about money, others are wrapped up in ther business so much they could not tell you what is going on with their own family. I do know this. Ever time I have had strength from temptations and felt spiritually strong is when I was in the Word of God everyday, going to bible study and centering my life around Jesus Christ, My true God. Everytime I have strayed, It was because I did not keep my eyes on God. I picture Jesus in my life as standing out on the water and telling me to come to Him and follow Him. When I keep my eyes, through faith on Jesus, I can live a Godly life. When I take my eyes off Jesus, I drown in the seas of evil thoughts and desires. What do you think? Thanks, and God Bless

  5. All of creation was cursed on the day Adma ans Eve brought sin into the world. Sinse that day, every cell started to deteriorate. The more sin in the world, the more deterioration. It is my personal belief that the few humans on earth were able to populate the earth because they, and their environment were only beginning to experience the effects of sin. I think that is why some of them lived 800 to 900 years. With Jesus, those of us who believe and confess, have been spiritually released from that curse. However we still live in these weak bodies and this cursed world. As long as we are able to focus on Jesus, we can stay in the spiritual realm and avoid a lot of the consequences of the sin around us. But every time we let our guard down and let our thoughts join the cursed world, we are vunerable to this sin. It’s not until our spirits are released from this environment that we will escape this curse and the effects of every sin that was ever committed that contributed to this deterioration. For lack of a better way to put it, this world is like living in a fog of contaminated air. The only way out of this fog is through Jesus Christ who holds our heads above this fog. Take your eyes off Him and your physical being automatically sinks into this fog.

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