I Resist

Medicare imploding. Medicaid imploding. Social Security imploding. ACA imploding. When are Americans going to accept the truth that living by government management of social programs has an end game? There is not enough money in our economy to fully fund the cradle to grave security Americans are seeking. As the “seekers” grow in number and populate entitlement programs, their capacity to vote the transfer of wealth to themselves increases and the possibility of electing financially sane Congressmen who believe in fiscal restraint decreases. It’s a spiral, and it does not lead to Utopia – it leads to Dante’s seven circles of Hell. Sort of like Venezuela.

We know the remedies. They are obvious, and they are doable. The missing ingredients are three: the will, courage, and love. Yes, love! Giving in to the financial ruin that will doom multitudes to lives without opportunity because we have ransacked the economy for a free lunch is cheap compassion. Mature love stands in the path with a roadblock and says NO.

Government solutions and government provisions inevitably inject the viruses of which there are no cure in the body politic. History is replete with examples, Rome being among the first and the greatest. From then on there are merely cycles of the same story. The collapse of collectivist experiments in the 20th century are immediate signposts of warning.

Since I am a church kid, I am particularly sensitive to collectivism under the guise of Christianity. Theologian Paul Tillich stated it baldly: “Christianity is the religion of which Socialism is the practice.” For not a few Christians, faithfully following Christ requires collectivism. And, of course, those Christians who resist the collectivist impulse are considered virtual heretics, or at least unfaithful disicples. To resist socialism we must often expect no assistance from the church. Under the Good Samaritan Ethic they have supposed that they have located a program for society to instruct government.

To do so, however, they have to ignore the wider vista of the Bible and its ethic of personal responsibility and its restriction of government to the sphere of justice. The church, often unknowingly, but culpably, has become co-belligerents with the Left and its vision of the Kingom of God that runs through the seat of the Federal government. In doing so they are shortsighted and give the church a bad case of vertigo, swooning from one government version of utopia to the next.

I resist.